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Incomplete, Rolling Release...

Adam Curtis

Adult educated choices

Age 35

American Dream 2028, President for 2028

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Andrew Postman

Apathy / Avoidance

Arab Spring 2010



Autism Translation

Average American job threatened speaking out against Fox News

Ben Franklin

Bible verses

Bill Moyers

Brain Exploits / Human Brain exploits / Mind Exploits

Brave New World

Celebration of Ignorance / Cult of Ignorance

Cambridge Analytica

Carl Jung, Doctor - co-founder of modern psychology

Carl Sagan



Context Blindness

Contradictory Vaudeville

Chaos, deliberate nonsense

Cherry Picking

Charlie Chaplin

Comparative Mythology

Critical media theory, Comparative Mythology

Cult Behaviors / Media message cults


Dates of Joyce / MonoMyth

David Foster Wallace

Decorations as how people believe / faith

Default mindset of humanity

Defeating Others, Dominating Others


Double Empathy Problem

Drinking Games


Dumbing Down of America / Internet in total via media

Education Systems

Electric Torah (Steely Dan)


Enshitification comes after Bullshitification

Experience vs. common teachings

Experience Music Project

Experience Mythology Project

Fall of the Peacemakers

Fashionably Irrational Beliefs

Fire of Hell (Metaphor)

Firmware metaphors (Microcode, Firmware, BIOS, Kernel, Userland)

Frustrations of Roundsparrow. Stephen Personal

Gender gap in autism and mental health

Great Seal of the United States of America

Hal Hartley film creator

Hate (Hate Motivates)

Hate out-groups

Howard Bloom

Internet Research Agency (IRA) - Russia meme warfare

Interstellar 2014 film

Inverted Meaning, Inverted MonoMyth

Inward interpretation of Myth, metaphors of organs of body

Ivanka Trump


Joseph Campbell

Joyce Trilogy (Portrait, Ulysses, Finnegans Wake)

Lao Tzu / Laozi 

Language Bus / Tower of Babel

Little Prince, The

Love, Expanding Love / meaning

Low Sparks of High Heeled Humans


Malala (Islamic / Quran / Mohammad teaching reformation)

Malignant Normality / Malignant Normality

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Marshall McLuhan

Mass Man (McLuhan term, Bloom term: "Global Brain", "Mass Mind")

Mass Denial, popular angry rejection of topic

McDonald's : "I'm Loving IT!"

Metaphor-level translations

Media Rage

Media Hallucinations

Mistakes / Errors

Mock Mock Mockery


Mr. Robot

Mutually Assured Destruction (Psychology of)

Musical Public Dreams

My Conspiracy Theory

Mythology Origin Theory in John 1:1 and elsewhere

Name Calling

Navajo Sweat Lodge

Neil Postman

Nikki Haley

Nonsense, deliberate chaos


Nothing is True and Everything is possible

Out-Groups (Hate)

Pale Blue Dot

Peer Pressure

Personal Responsibility

Pre-Truthiness / "Alternate facts"

Proxy choice

Politics of Fiction

Pot Luck

Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell / Bill Moyers / George Lucas

Pub Crawl, Earwicker Pub Crawl

Public Dream

Putin Media Invasion

Putin Media Takeover

Quran, Mohammad's


Reason Thinking, Non-instrumental reason thinking

Reason I Jump, autism book and film

Reclaim Love / Reclaim Woke / Reclaim Compassion

Red Tape

Reformation of Truth

Reformation of Love / Reformation of Compassion

Relationship Insecurity

Rick Roderick

Rick and Morty

Rolling Release


Stand up for the Big Guy

Stephan A. Holler

Systems, Systems vs. People

Self Under Siege

Self under Siege, Rick Roderick 1993



Students are not teaching

Surkov Siege / Putin Media Invasion

SuperWikipedia concept / wish

Terrorism / Terrorists


Teach the Teachers

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans 1933-45

The Decoration is the Message / Decoration is Truth

Thick as a Brick, beyond the name calling of that phrase

Thunderword / ThunderWords

Toxic Clergy

Toxic Messaging

Translation, Metaphor to Metaphor / Experience to Experience / Tower of Babel

Trickle Down Memes

Trump Family / Donald Trump media empire

True Detective (TV series)

Truth under Siege

Ubuntu philosophy

USA Crisis declarations, March 20, 2024 onward

USA Sick Nation, Mental Health Education Problems

War and Peace in the Global Village, 1968

Weaponized Errors

Winning Hearts and Minds

Winner Takes All

White House Hyper Real 

WWWFaith WorldWideMythology Cherry-Picking from World Public Library a Faith System

ZBBS social media, 1985

Electric Torah


Hannah Ardent

It Can't Happen Here

They Thought They were Free

Topics of specific years / transition points


2024 "USA is not Fun Anymore, Twenty Twenty-Four"

Rants by date, with topic summary

HashTags on Social Media

Playlists hashtags

Why is Stephen Gutknecht publishing it this way, why?

Stephen Gutknecht's (RoundSparrow) personal faith / religion views

I can understand wanting to know what I believe, given I'm blending faiths from all over.


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