Book Subjects / Names

History of Mob Mentality

Shared Mindsets

Power of Fiction

Fiction Mentality ( subtitle: Finnegans Wake as Metaphor for Public Dreams)

Fiction mindsets non-fiction world

Fiction theoretical

     short name, overloaded meaning as it is about theory of fiction to non-fiction, but also how fiction can be used to express theoretical ideas that are then later realized through humans organizing around the idea or new technology. iPad in science fiction films for example.

Fiction Fanatics 

    deliberately perplexing name

Non-fiction beggars

Non-fiction club

Non-fiction cipher 

Non-fiction lines

            Politics of Fiction references by Elif

Non-fiction metaphors

volatile non-fiction

Fragments of Myth

Popularity Paradoxes 

    (Themes of how many artists with same talents get passed over, how many audition for a role, and the way audiences associate and fall in love with fiction chracters "1 John 4:20")

Clergy Criticism

   (probably being more about congregation/audience and what they are attracted to)

Fake Love and Fabricated Compassion

    ( Play upon meaning of fabricated and human origin emphasis )

Who Created English?

   (English itself being so core to Finnegans Wake and the idea of anyone being able to coin English terms, my lifeling experience with new words in compuer industry)

Mutually Assured Deception

     We all lie to each other, out-group hate pattern

Fractal Hate 

Fractal Outsiders

      Frackle out-group patterns of "black sheep" iwthin family, "wrong side of town", out-group patterns at levels

Knowledge Chain

Knowledge Supply

Supply Side Knowledge

Mass Mind Recovery

Mass Mind Rehab

Group Think Rehab

Clergy Teacher Rehab

Cult Everywhere

    ( media falsehoods in many forms throughout history )

Drug Tester 

    Meme Drug Tester - a series of reality and sciene quiz / conspiracy theory / belief sysem / are you high on drugs, and which drugs?

Cram Course Mind

   Howard Bloom June 7 2024 "Are Americans going crazy"? - defense dark arts $7.99 booklet

Fractal Comprehension

Fractal Iceberg Tips

Bounds of Understanding

Bounds of Researching

Reason Thinking Beliefs

Reason Thinking Examples

Reason Thinking Changes (even age of AI rational vs. irrational, super vs. sub (hate))

Keyword Scavenger Hunt

    ( INtriguing title, kyword like. Short form novel Fiction and non-fiction blend. Old style keyword searching. Word takeover such as "Windows" becoming household word meaning change. Ficttion story about discovering Marshall McLuhan and then disccovering The Beatles interview with McLuhan and then discovering finnegans Wake and campbell )

Systemic Comprehension 

     Context Blindness, Hyperfocus, attention span, revisit, memorization, smartphone lookup, off-axis comprehension testing

Comprehension Blindness

Understanding Line

Comprehension Line

Context Line

Advertising Overload: Bullshit Overload

Bullshit Abounds

Bullshit Internet

Bullshit Medium

Bullshit Nothingburger

More Trouble Than Worth

Smartphone juxtaposition 

Clergy juxtaposition

Twitter juxtaposition

    ( Context Shifting paragraph length attention-span )

Human juxtaposition

The Body Politic 

Abused Body Politic

Bodyblow Politic

Kidnap of the Copyrighted Mind

    Howard Bloom August 2000: Kidnap of the Mass Mind

First John 4:20

Falling In Love with Fiction

    Fiction Lover

      Fiction Fixation

One Person Think Thank

    ( Ada, James Joyce, Rick Roderick, Marshal McLuhan)

Media Can and Does ( Blow Your Mind )

Medium Outsider (Autism being the outside perspective, and the low-res slow-speed, blury-screen / poor quality printing of 8-bit days)

Media Out (Media outsider)

Hell Metaphor (Metaphor Hell. We The People create Hell, that is the metaphor)

Excuses to not love  ( 1001 quotes from people describing reasons to not love someone )

We need to coin a popular term for "realty" non-fiction


   Campbell in lectures said Islam was fermenting good for a few hundred years.k Also in Power of Myth says firs few hundred years of Christianity.

Media Reality: Anime, Cinema, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple, Church, Theater, Radio, Internet, Newspaper, HDTV

Songbirds Sex

   "Bird" is old slag for woman / single woman.

Understanding Behavior (Humanity)

     What legal drugs are substitute for once what was illegal?

Out of the Woodwork

    How theft, rape, bully behavior comes out of humanity against weak visiting strangers

Wild: Story of humanity all dead and cats try to figure out how to make cat food cans. Not grasping technology

   insired by: