RoundSparrow Delima

Monday, February 26, 20:30 Arizona/California line

I'm facing a delima bout my lack of self-centerdness. I've anyone people for the past 20 years of highlighting Martin Luther King Jr's words and since 2009, Joseph Campbell, Marshall McLuhan... and a slew of others.  I'm extremely Pale Blue Dot centered, not self-centered. And it's incredibly unpopular.  Like EXTREME, unpopular. And my months last year still echo just how few enthusiasts of emerging medium gave a shit about accuracy and loved the smooth-talking tone. Like Fox News popularity, like Newsmax 2024. Like Surkov.... oh, so much like Surkov.  - Majority Rule, Democracy when it comes to thinking


So I realize I have an extraordinary life experience with SAP Sapphire, OS/2 Gold Ambassador from IBM, Paul Allen Group's sports teams and bachelor playboy bling empire communications, Arab Spring predictions, Steely Dan ten-fold concerns all over the USA, Arica Chile Internet emergency study, and the absolute inability to lie and deceive at all. And back too... home page content.

Just now I'm watching Tokyo Vice, and I'm inspired to create great fiction... I have so much to express that m input/output language centers are broken, but this inspires me. This is so much cliche about bloody arms of the mob in Japan and how tattoo is unaccepted, unlike Austin 2008, and SXSW / especially the women at the Tat shop in 78704 on South Lamar where I would nurse my divorce Troubadour year 1210 confrontations of Amor. -22:00 on S1E1, it really smacked me how liche it is.  What if I told of my story in a Church Basement in Islamic Amman Jordan in the Syria war outbreak that I lived... what if I told about all my hospital stays and protests arrests? Could I enjoy Cliche story telling like Tokyo Vice?  Is it Squid Games level inspiration too?

But I have so much brain damage from Surkov damaging so many of my neighbors since 2013... My output will be shit. Let's face it, I'm shit. flush me. I could write a story like Sam Esmail but I'd have to use a pen name, as everyone who ever met me would find I never counted in the repulsive polarity of autism. 

Delusions of truth being unpopular, hard reality. Yha Carl Sagan, keywords: Bamboozled, sad, lesson, 1995, Damon-haunted. Carl Sagan said it, he went to fiction with Contact, and that too is largely mocked and rejected. Interstellar 2014 about messaging Morse, messaging across time, book-shelf pounding metaphor of 13 symbolism Bible thumping ignored. I can NEVER have hope for understanding when it's 10 years of people mocking Interstellar - no sex scene, no light saber, it mocks fighting with that famous scene. I'm not even playing music while the ship goes down, I'm still trying to find the equation nobody has found, and I think I'm crying uncle in the search. Nothing can counter Surkov's teaching to his 250 students who can't even speak Surkov's name any more...  but it is a World Wide Web, and we intermingled something horrific bad that Surkov created - and even if Surkov was dead in 2018, it went too far, and it keeps playing out and unwinding to the total "race to the bottom" reality. Time is accelerating. Surkov/Putin won, and the denial of artists about their friends gong "dark side" is way too far, there isn't even recognition of how bad the mindsets are.  I really do not want to be in Germany 1941.5 and we could reach that real fast, in a matter of weeks, wtih the right symbol patters. Syrkov sunk the minds that deep by 2018....

I've known now war, but nobody is stopping it. Nobody is alive to defend it :( People are mocking their mind-fucked friends, not helping them :( It's captured half + half, total. Surkov cracked it. Half + half.

“Half the people in the world think that the metaphors of their religious traditions, for example, are facts. And the other half contends that they are not facts at all. As a result we have people who consider themselves believers because they accept metaphors as facts, and we have others who classify themselves as atheists because they think religious metaphors are lies.” ― Joseph Campbell, Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor

Surkov by 2018 achieved that, half + half, into Russian hands. Adam Curtis, 2014... Contradictory Vaudeville. And it's deepened since the capture.

Like I could ever come close to expressing how gone the USA is, the Pale Blue Dot situation.... time to go songs :(

Back to Tokyo Vice...

Sunrise, next morning, February 27, 2024.  still on my mind,